Update Your Media Room

Having a home theater is old news, but the technology and trends that come with a home theater never is. This season the design world in Dallas, Allen, Frisco, and Plano has quite a few fresh takes on home theaters that focus on keeping them comfortable and discrete. Here are the best new design tips:

  1. No longer is your space dictated by the tech equipment. Now designers are creating cabinets and spaces to hide all the tech and wires. One main trend is placing the speaks and subwoofer in the ceiling to prevent ugly wires and speaks from marring your design. This style is accentuated by new smartphone technology that provides a one-stop control for all the gadgets.
  2. Custom frames for your TV or screen help blend the stark contrast between technology and a traditional home. Custom frames may also be set back into the wall, further stylizing technology to the feel of the room.
  3. Flexible seating is key for increased room functionality and a cozy home feel. Media rooms no longer show movie theater row seating, but comfortable chairs that can be moved or swiveled from a poker table to face the movie screen.
  4. Purchase a regular sized TV with a drop down screen and projector for movie nights. The screen remains hidden until it’s movie time, when it drops to cover the daily use TV.
  5. Add expandable tables so your screen can double as a boardroom. New technology allows your movie screen to be turned into a conference screen at the touch of a button.

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