Top Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2018


If you’re considering getting a complete kitchen renovation next year, here are some trends that will likely stay in fashion when designing your new room:

  • Make the Most of the Ceiling Space: Many designers are incorporating new tile walls up toward the ceiling, which gives the illusion of cabinets floating in an ocean of color.
  • Go for Brighter and Bolder: While many homeowners used to avoid brighter hues, they’re becoming increasingly popular these days. Consider everything from a hot red tile to a lime green, but make sure you ground that color with something darker or neutralize it with black or white.
  • Use Vertical Tiles: Rather than elongated horizontal tiles, go for vertical tiles to make the backsplash appear “edgier,” which looks great whether you use larger or smaller tiles.
  • Lose the Accents: If you used to enjoy a contrasting line of tile, design featuring inserts or dots, or a tile mural, you’re better off using a single type of tile to create a more sophisticated look.
  • Get Creative with Floor Tiles: Any material that’s durable enough for the floor will work with your backsplash, including clay or ceramic tile, laminate, marble, vinyl, or wood planks. Matte tiles are particularly new, with earthy clay and dusky hues being the more popular. Keep in mind that the price can vary greatly.
  • Consider Mosaics: Mosaic tiles are great for many kitchens, as they can be made of many different materials including reflective glass or polished metal. Shiny small ones are especially popular, with small squares, mini subway tiles, old-school penny tiles, and other custom combos serving as great options.
  • Use Mirror or Glass: You can install clear or colored glass, or create illusions, with standard or tinted mirrors for an unusual kitchen backsplash. You can use vinegar for cleanup, and create art glass scenes, whether you use primary colors or older tones.
  • Make Writeable Surfaces: Using chalkboard paint, you can create surfaces ideal for leaving notes, with magnetic paints allowing homeowners to hang shopping lists and recipes at any time.
  • Use Old-Fashioned Tiles: You can create a traditional European look in the kitchen using a combination of tile patterns in similar colors, or form a traditional Mexican look with hand-painted tiles.
  • Using Ceiling Panels for the Walls: You can use embossed metal ceiling tiles on backsplashes, with many different patterns and sizes available to suit your kitchen.
  • Implement Organic Materials: Create an organic look with bamboo, pebbles, or other natural and recycled materials. Polished stone is another great look.


Regardless of what you prefer, the professionals at The Kitchen Master can help you create a unique and personalized backsplash for your kitchen design that can hold up for decades.

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