Think Outside the Hardwood

Hardwood, linoleum, tiles, and the kitchen flooring you always hear about tend to get dull after awhile. Fortunately, the remodeling industry is always changing. This season unusual flooring is a top trend. Here are our two favorites that are also eco-friendly.

Not just for cork boards, cork with a seal is a beautiful flooring that can go modern, eclectic, or even country kitchen. The stains and shape options are endless, only limited by your imagination.

Cork is also perfect for the comfort-conscious cook as it is soft and springy. You can even walk around barefoot to enjoy the warmth and smoothness of the cork.

Even with the softness, it is highly durable. Cork is fire resistant and muffles sound. You really can’t go wrong with this material.

Luxurious contemporary demands bamboo flooring. It is extremely durable–154% harder than red oak hardwood floors.

You can treat it with a protective finish that will keep the air quality of your home at its prime. Plus, the bamboo has an eco-friendly edge since bamboo is a rapidly renewable source of wood..