The Perfect Guest Room

Summer brings relatives, overnight guests, and lots of visitors. This may leave you wondering where to put everyone! A multifunctional guest room is just the answer.

After building your multifunctional room, here are a few tips to make sure it’s comfortable for your guests:

-Install plenty of lighting in the guest room to make it cheery. It is especially important to have a dim light near the bed, so guests can easily light their way in a strange room.

-Build in bookshelves that can properly serve your office space and then house extra linens for your guests.

-Try a soothing, neutral color palette to be easy on your guest’s eyes after a long day of travel.

-Clear the clutter and embellishments from the decor as guests always bring their own clutter.

-Invest in a suitcase bench or a shorter built-in bookshelf that your guests can store their luggage on.

-Focus on maximizing shelf space so your guests can unpack and unwind.

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