The Kitchen for Entertainment

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, spaciousness isn’t the number one component. What matters is the speciality features that are woven into the space that keeps the flow of people moving and contained.

The layout of your kitchen is the most important component as the island directs the traffic. T-shaped islands provide a prep area for cooking, while providing counter space for guests to congregate around without being in the way.

Another feature to consider is a custom drink station and minibar away from the kitchen space. This allows guests to make their own drinks and keep the drink-making mess away from the cooking.

If having a separate minibar requires too much space, a beverage refrigerator at the end of the counter should have the same positive effects of spreading out the traffic.

When designing your kitchen layout, always keep in mind the type of entertaining you do: think about the number of people and level of formality. These two questions will determine what features are needed..