The Book is Always Better than the Movie: A Guide to the Modern Bookshelf

2012 saw many film adaptions of literary classics with modern twists. Just to name one, Anna Karinena, a harsh Russian novel, turned into colorful theatric production. 2013 looks to bring about the same with the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby complete with a soundtrack produced by Jay-Z.

But we already know the answer of our most intellectual friends to all these creative ventures: “Well, the book is better.” So impress them with your own book knowledge, impress anyone with your modern take on a classic décor staple, the bookshelf.

The bookshelf has always showed off the status of the homeowner. Books used to be extremely expensive to produce—displaying your ownership of so many precious items added weight to your personal clout and your home. Today, books are cheaper, but bookshelves can still have the same impact.

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