Taming the Slope

Sloped or hillside landscapes can prove to be incredibly difficult to beautify. The soil quality is usually subpar and the incline makes maintenance difficult. Here are our tips for working with, not against, the slope:

  1. Landscape with the slope, not against it. The more organic your landscaping is, the less maintenance you will have, which is important for this difficult to upkeep landscape. Try using perennials and adding walkways near the higher maintenance areas.
  2. Identify the major natural landscape players. Large trees, groundcovers, and rocks hold the soil in place. Removing these may cause soil shifts, so incremented changes are best.
  3. Terracing the landscape with natural elements like wood and stone makes a dynamic statement that helps hold your yard in place. Permanent additions are a long term investment, so it is best to splurge on something solid. Mini terraces also help slow water runoff and erosion.
  4. Multilevel decks and elevated pathways may also be used in the same function as a terracing. Just make sure you keep safety in mind. Anything above 24 inches should have a barrier of at least 36 inches.
  5. Create cliffs with ornamental grasses to add a pop of color. The boulders used in the cliffs should be staggered for a natural look. Also, remember to bury at least the bottom third of each rock.

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