Surviving a Remodel

Remodeling your home can be an intense experience, especially when doing a room addition or a room you use daily like the kitchen. People become tense, schedules are often disrupted, but in the end, the remodel is completely work it. It adds value to your home and life. You really can’t beat that!

In order to keep your cool during this time, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you out.

  1. Dust inevitable, so don’t even try to avoid it. Seal off the construction from the very beginning from the rest of your home. Try using plywood, plastic, and tape for the most effective border.
  2. Pack up your valuables in all surrounding rooms. This is even if you seal off the construction and if the room is removed from the construction. You never know how a thud will echo throughout your home, causing things to crash to the ground.
  3. No matter the project, keep in mind the landscaping. Your front or back yard will get a few nicks when workers bring in materials. Plan some funding for post-project landscape touch-ups, and, if you have some favorite plants, ask your contractor to plant them outside the path of destruction and then replant post-project.
  4. Keep the plans and inspiration pictures taped all over the home and where you are staying. This will give you a visual goal and will help cheer you up after a rough day.