(Style) Rules are meant to be broken

Tastes change, trends flux, and rooms need a little sprucing up. When it’s time to update, most homeowners stick with the same old safe style. It’s simply too expensive to experiment by switching out everything in your home or room.

But that’s when a key word from your high school English class comes in handy: juxtaposition, the pairing of two opposites to create something beautiful. This idea is hitting the design world by storm. No longer do you have to choose between traditional or modern, or between your tastes now or your tastes from when you last remodeled.
Juxtaposition can give you an entirely fresh look!

Plus, the idea saves money. You can give your home or room a completely different look through accent pieces. Have a stark, modern kitchen? Add heavily textured wood accent pieces to warm up the room. If you have an extremely formal living room, try replacing those heavy couches with something sleek.

But remember, keep the opposing pieces as strong accents only or else they will lose their pop! See the pictures from our houzz page for some great examples of mixing styles!.