Remodeling Tips


Remodeling your home starts with preparing a realistic budget. Preparing the budget for remodeling is a lot like preparing a budget for a wedding. It’s important to know exactly how much money is allotted for the entire event so that if cost goes up in one area, it means you can save money in another area. You have to actively manage it.

  • Plan Ahead. Go through a trial design process and choose everything you want to include in the new room(s), from paint to appliances. This will prevent hasty cost decisions from happening later. Also, allow for 10-20 percent of the budget to items that may need to be added to the project. Need help? Here’s a great starting point.
  • Get Creative. Changing the look of a room doesn’t always have to include structural changes. Painting a room can revitalize it and is the easiest way to bring life to a room. Designing a room on a budget is easy, and you can use the changing of the season for inspiration.
  • Finding Space. The biggest cost in a budget is adding square footage to a home. Ways to save in this area of the budget is by borrowing space from a neighboring room (space reconfiguration), or finding small spaces in between wall studs for small niches or built-in shelves. Here are some smart design ideas to save money.
  • In The Kitchen. Where possible, reuse existing appliances and build new cabinets around them. This could save up to $5000 easily. Check out these great tips!
  • In The Bathroom. If the tub is still in relatively good condition, consider re-glazing it instead of replacing it. This saves you money and minimizes dust at the same time. Need help on the how to?