Puppy Fever: How to Remodel your Home with your Puppy in Mind

It’s no secret that adopting a puppy or kitten is on par with bringing a two-year-old into your home. Muddy paws, chew marks on your nicest furniture, bits of toys scattered about the house—the mess never seems to end! As much fun as puppies and kittens are, you must prepare your home for the new addition. We’ve compiled a list to puppy (or ever child) proof your home!

The Puppy Zone

The most important step in proofing your home for a new animal is to carve out a space for them. Section off part of your kitchen or laundry room with an animal gate (see pictures of chic gates below), some toys, and a bed. The new puppy can get used to his surrounds and learn his manners without destroying everything in sight.

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