Picking a Hardwood Floor

It’s no secret that wood floors add class and value to any home. But, the hardwood decision doesn’t stop there, the choices for different woods, grains, finishes, and cuts are endless. We’ve picked a few of our favorites for any Dallas remodel.

Reclaimed Pine often comes from historical buildings, bringing nterest and a rich touch. Pine tends to dent more easily than other woods, but, with reclaimed pine, that’s part of the charm. Plus, reclaiming flooring is eco-friendly and pin is naturally resistant to insects.

Maple brings warmth, color, and variation to any room. The material is also shock resistant, and used for gym floors or bowling alleys.

Cherrywood is a soft wood that is best for accents or decorative pieces. For being a signature wood, the material is also affordable.

Red Oak is one of the most popular flooring materials. It can coordinate with any style and is highly resistant to scuffs and dents.

Eucalyptus gives an elegant look at a remarkably budget-friendly rate. Eucalyptus trees grow quickly and are highly available, making this choice eco-friendly.

Douglas Fir brings a comfortable atmosphere to your home with intricate grain details. However, the wood is similar to cherrywood in that it can dent easily.

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