No Magic Necessary: The Secrets of Pantry Organization

No need for Gandalf or Dumbledore here. We’ve got all the secrets to get your rowdy pantry in line. Whether your storage space is big or small, our go-to tips cover everything from adding build-ins to attachable drawers.

Tip #1: Find 6-inches of Wasted Space

Everyone can find a bit of wasted space in the kitchen. Think: between the refrigerator and the wall, the door and the cabinet, or any other nook. These spaces are perfect places for build-in pantry shelves to store your condiments and smaller items. They can pull out or open like a traditional pantry.

Tip #2: The Art of Illusion

Sometimes half the battle is just lessening the eyesore that your pantry causes. For this, try using the two-tone method to add interest and distraction in the space. Pale shelves with dark wood drawers hold the eye away from the chaos and cover up the mess. The trick works for walk-in pantries or simple shelves.

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