New Ways for Bathroom Flooring

Ditch the tiles for something a bit more interesting in your bathroom. No need to copy the Jones’ in your North Texas bath remodel, designers have come up with unique flooring options to set your bathroom apart. Here are some of our favorites!

Glass tile have become incredibly popular in the design world lately. The material has the same resistance of ceramic tiles, which means minimal breaking, chipping, and scratching.

It is recommended that you use small tiles as they tend to be heavy and that you purchase sandblasted tiles that are more slip-resistant. If you really want to try something unique, some of the tiles come in mood ring-like material that changes with the temperature in the room.

Wood flooring has always been around and popular, but few are brave enough to try it in the bathroom. With a few precautions in the beginning, wood can be as suited for the bath as tile. Plus, the material can always been refinished and resealed, while tile has to be replaced.

When you install the wood, make sure that you put extra coats of sealing on the wood and fill in the cracks with wood putty. This will prevent water from seeping in and rotting the wood. If you want to take an extra step of caution, add a highly efficient fan to the bathroom. Regardless of material, a fan is always a good idea.

Modular carpet is another stereotype-breaking material. Carpeting in the bath sounds like a haven for mildew, but modular carpet is made in a manner that inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria. The carpet comes in tiles that are easily removed, cleaned, dried, and reinstalled. Stains are easily removed for a brand new look.

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