Make Sure your Faux Bois isn’t a Faux Pas

Many of you know that anything made from real wood can be quite expensive, but there is an easy alternative to bringing the outdoors inside. The answer: Faux Bois! (It’s French for “false wood.”) This pattern is made to look like wood that has been stripped down to the core, creating a grain effect. And this trend isn’t just popping up on wallpaper or tile floors. It has also spread into fabrics for pillows and bedding as well.

The Faux Bois pattern can be painted onto your walls, and if you think you’re up to the challenge (and have a steady hand), you can DIY. The technique is done through an imprinted roller and you can buy these in Faux Bois kits at any home improvement store. You can also purchase Faux Bois patterned wallpaper if painting isn’t your style. But, if you’re feeling really funky, you could have a blue or green Faux Bois wall.

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