Light the Kitchen

Lighting is the most important part of a kitchen remodeling project. Without the proper lighting, all the hard work will be under appreciated. We recommend that you layer your lighting in order to achieve the best look possible. Typically there are four layers that you can use in your kitchen.

The first layer is the task lightening. This brings illumination to your pantry, cabinets, and countertops. Task lightening is the essential practical lightening.

The second layer is accent lights, which brings depth to your kitchen. Place these lights in recessed areas to liven the kitchen up. Usually these are on adjustable fixtures.

The third layer is everyone’s favorite, the decorative lights. These lights are more fun and fashionable than practical. If a fixture at the store catches your eye, go ahead and add it for fun!

The final and fourth layer of lighting is ambient lighting. Ambient lights fill the whole room and acts as your general lighting. Soft lighting is best of ambient lights.

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