L, I, U, G: Letters of a Kitchen Layout

Remodeling a kitchen is a big task, but one of the most important components to remember is the layout. Here are the most common options for a kitchen layout.

L-shaped kitchen layouts are mostly seen in new homes today as they are good for multipurpose kitchens of a small or medium scale. The L-shape runs along two walls and the legs can be extended as needed, though it is recommended that you keep them under 15 feet. The shape is perfect for one to two cooks with minimal foot traffic.

I-shaped kitchens are mostly seen in small spaces like lofts or cozy apartments. All appliances and cooking spaces are on a single wall. However, many recent designs include a narrow island.

U-shaped, c-shaped, or horseshoe kitchens are open for multiple cooks and easy thorough way traffic flow. The ample space gives plenty of storage and counter space.

G-shaped kitchens are U-shaped kitchens supersized. This layout has an extra leg, making a box and preventing a heavy traffic flow.

Gallery kitchens use every square inch of space and are great for small spaces or those on a budget. The layout is made up of two parallel counters or walls. The small space makes traffic flow difficult, but this layout is a cheaper option since there are no corner cabinets to configure..