In the Shade

Window treatments are endless, and, as the heat hits, it’s more important than ever to dress your windows properly. Shading can cut your energy bill down and keep away the glare. Here are some of our favorites for the summertime:

Panels on rods have a fantastic framing ability. They draw attention to a picturesque window and scene. Decorative rods take the look classic or modern. You can also use long rods to extend your window visually.

Tent-flap panels are great for windows hit by the intense sun. You can open a corner of the shade to allow light in without all the heat. The clean lines make this shade look good open or closed.

Shutters are always a staple for classic design. A plantation home cannot be complete without white shutters, nor can a traditional American home.

Roller shades have gained popularity with their retro look. Funky colors on a roller let you control how much of the window you cover when you pull down the shade.

Shades give a tropical or natural look to a room. Woven organic materials are the most popular to use when implementing a shade design. Thin materials give a feeling of transparency without the heat..