Lighting is the forgotten, but key element in your bathroom. It’s been said that you can never have enough lighting in your bathroom; it shows off the work, money, and time you’ve invested.

Before you begin choosing your fixtures for your bathroom remodel, there are two key points to remember. First, create levels according to your needs with lights. Level one can the overhead light used to highlight the features of your bathroom, and level two is usually a softer, diffused light for your vanity.

The second thing to remember is that there are three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. You’ll most likely use ambient for your first level as it provides overall illumination. It is the general lighting that goes over tubs and the main spaces. Task lighting is detail oriented. It lights the way for applying make-up, showering, and specific tasks that need additional lighting. The third type is accent lighting, which is mostly decorative. The lighting allows you to highlight specific features in your bath such as mosaics or an art piece.

Task lighting is one of the trickier to install as the light is mostly used in the vanity area and must illuminate your face evenly. To obtain the even light, install your fixtures on the sides of the vanity mirror as level with your face as possible. If that isn’t possible, install lighting across the top of the vanity to get an even glow. You can even use opaque lampshades to smooth out harsh light.

Regardless of your fixtures’ position, follow the rule of variation. Varying the lighting’s levels, types, and styles brings out the many textures and materials in your bath that you’ve invested so much in.

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