How to Pick a Pool Contractor

You can’t beat the Dallas summer heat without a pool. Adding a pool is the perfect backyard addition and remodel for your home. Here are our tips on picking a pool contractor to help the process go smoothly:

1. Make sure that there are CSP Certified Service Professionals on staff. The National Spa and Pool Institute trains, tests, and maintains certified pool service technicians up to industry standards.

2. Ask your potential pool contractor how many pools they build a year and then ask the pool builder for a list of references. Make sure that the list provided doesn’t pale in comparison to the number of pools they’ve built. This could be a sign of unsatisfied customers.

3. Visit and call the office or showroom. Some companies uses salespeople for quotes, so you want to meet the rest of the company who will be actually working on your pool

4. Look up their license with the Registrar of Contractors to find out if they are registered and to review their complaint record. They also need to have a “satisfactory record” with the Better Business Bureau.

5. After researching, compile a short list of 3-5 potential contractors. Then ask for bids, proposals, and meetings. Try to avoid focusing on only one builder, because some will over inflate their price if for some reason they don’t want the job.

6. Make sure the that the upfront deposit is small with other payments after each major construction stage.

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