How to Keep the Teenage Wasteland at Bay

We all love the song Teenage Wasteland, but let’s keep it limited to music, please. Teenage rooms are tough as teens are constantly discovering and rediscovering themselves. Nothing stays the same, which makes their living space chaotic and never satisfying to anyone in the home.

We’ve put together a few tips to create a room that changes with your teen on any budget.

Paint Accents
Painting accents on the wall can easily be covered up later with a coat of paint or added to as the teen’s tastes change. This is also a wonderful alternative to repainting the entire room. With black accents, a powdered pink princess room can turn into a Parisian boutique.

Embrace the Moody Blues
Intense colors that contrast with one another are psychologically proven to uplift a treacherous mood. Our recommendation is give your teen’s favorite crazy color a chance. This will…

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