Going Green is Easy

Introducing green energy doesn’t just help the environment and save you money, but it also increased your home value. The National Bureau of Economic Research found that installing green technology like solar panels increases your home values by 3.5%.

Of course, adding the panels can be a bit tricky with strict homeowners associations and the potential for an eyesore that some green technology brings. But the many aesthetic improvements has brought green technology up to design par. Here are some of the best:

Photovoltaic cells, also called BIPV, are styled like the typical asphalt or slate tiles. BIPVs come with a comparable lifespan of 90 years, are usually around the same price, and install eight times faster than traditional tiles.

Solar canopies are usually stand-alone, pre-fab steel structures that offer the quickest get-green option. The patio structures allow 15% of the light through, while generating 2.5 kilowatt-hours of energy. That’s enough power to take a large chunk out of your electric bill.

Solar powered water heaters save the energy equivalent of only driving your car eight months out of the year. Though solar powered water heaters take about ten years to pay themselves off, federal and state tax credits help with the initial cost.

Solar powered attic fans are smaller compared to the other options, but can help your cooling costs during the summer. The 10-watt solar panel powered fan pushes hot air out of your attic, which keeps your home at a lower temperature without cranking up the a/c. The installation only takes a short thirty minutes..