Get a Man Cave!

Man cave is a word that’s been hanging around pop culture for sometime now. The concept’s been mocked, glorified,and everything else in between.

But really, psychological studies have shown that the man cave helps maintain peace and emotional health in the home. Studies show that a space that resonates with a person’s preferences helps regulate his or her emotions.

With men, a space of their own is especially important as women tend to have more say in general home decor. Here are our tips for designing the perfect man cave:

  • Get a visual or object like a pool table, sports team, or picture to base your design off of.
  • Think about what you’ll do in your man cave. Will you be cheering on your favorite sports team? Smoking cigars in your own private lounge? Brooding like Don Draper over vintage whiskey? That will determine the entire design.
  • Try to keep the design simple. For one, there’s less work involved and your star items will stand out without a lot of crowding. This also keeps away the clutter and maintains a clear mind.
  • If your space is small, stick with lighter shades like light blue, green, or brown. While you may be tempted to get away from the light colors of the home decor, darker shades make your room feel small. Save the darker colors for accents light trim or borders.

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