Gadgets that Give You Space in the Kitchen

The more space saved, the better when it comes to kitchens. Large countertops give creative cooks plenty of space to explore and craft. Fortunately, no matter how big or small your kitchen is, gadgets and design innovations have given way to even more organization and available counter space.

Here are a few of the new innovations:

A dishwasher drawer is usually 23 inches wide by 16 inches high, so it can easily slip below the sink or in other tight spaces. Despite the compact size, the dishwasher drawer can still clean six dinning sets.

Two-in-one microwave and oven combos are a life-saver in a small kitchen. The appliance can switch from microwave to oven and back again with the touch of a button.

Induction cooktops only take up 15 inches of countertop. The stovetop uses magnets to transfer heat to the pots and pans directly, so you never have to worry about overcrowding becoming a fire hazard. The burners simply stay cool even when on full power.

Custom cabinets with long horizontal pulls on lower level drawers provide plenty of hanging space. Towels and rags can easily be hung and stored without taking up cabinet space. In your custom cabinets, also be sure to include deep drawers for heavy pots and pans. Many of the new drawers can hold up to 150 pounds.

Add a pop-up step ladder so you can utilize high cabinets. These usually come with a toe kick panel that blends perfectly with your cabinets.

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