Flooring for the Ages

Quality flooring is available no matter your price point. In fact, there are limitless options for your Allen, Frisco, or Plano kitchen remodel, so we’ve narrowed things down to a few options per price point.


Linoleum flooring is fairly durable and varied in texture and style. The flooring easily imitates more expensive flooring, but usually doesn’t last as long as the pricer options. The soft surface is easily marred, scratched, or cut.

Laminate flooring mimics hardwood floors and tends to be better for moist places. The material is easy to clean and resists stains. However, the resale value is much lower than wood and, if the flooring gets a scratch, it is not refinishable.


Porcelain tile flooring is overly strong and is the most popular tiling option right now. It’s a high end look with low maintenance. The only problem is that it’s so tough that drilling and cutting often requires a professional.

Hardwood flooring is a timeless, sought-after classic, but we don’t need to tell you something you already know! What makes hardwood so popular is its stand-the-test-of-time durability and easy maintenance. The material is soft on your feet, though a bit noisy to walk on.

Hardwood flooring with stone inlay is the current luxury kitchen flooring trend. Elegant stone is matched by the warmth of wood. Combining the two is colorful, diverse, and a statement piece.

End-grain wood is made of wood blocks cut across the grain, leading to unique patterns all across your floor. The material is durable and warm.

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