Faucets 101

Faucets can be one of the more confusing purchases when remodeling your bathroom. We’ve created a simple guide to help you with the basics.

Single-handle or single-hole faucets only have a spout and one handle. The one handle controls all the flow of hot and cold water. Usually these mount easily to a single predrilled hole and are perfect for smaller sinks like in a half bath.

Widespread mount faucets come with two handles, a spout, and usually require four holes. This type has a spread of at least 8 inches and tends to require a large space. However, the construction is easily customizable and can be purchased in smaller versions called minispreads.

Wall-mount faucets have becoming increasingly popular with the influx of freestanding or vessel-type sinks in the market. These types of sinks require longer spouts that extend over the top of the bowl. The faucet is attached to the wall instead of the sink or counter, allowing ample room for larger, less usual sinks..