Count it Out – Steps to the Perfect Home Gym

The late January doldrums are in full swing. The holidays are over, the routine’s kicked in, and those New Year’s resolutions are almost broken. What to do to beat the winter blues?

Burst the meh’s with a new workout space, of course! The task isn’t complicated and our ideas will fit just about any home. Below are a few suggestions for turning a garage, a closet, or an entire backyard into an energizing oasis!

Step 1: Pick your space. Do you have a neglected closet-size space in your garage, attic, bathroom, bedroom, or even closet? That’s the perfect spot!

Step 2: Decide your workout vibe. Will you be an iron man or a yoga guru? Ask yourself what you want from your workout. Not only will setting goals help you stick to your routine, but knowing what you want will also help you decorate your space.

Step 3: Separate your space. Whether through décor, colors, or a few moveable dividers, your workout area needs to stand out. The distinct feel of the space will train you to associate the space with fitness and wellbeing.

For a complete list of  steps to a perfect home gym, visit our houzz page..