Arranging Your Art

Need to spice up those bare walls? Art is just thing. Many people shy away from hanging paintings, mirrors, sculptures, and other wall décor because the process is too complicated. We have some tips that will make hanging easy!

1. Decide on an approach
There are four main approaches when it comes to hanging paintings: asymmetric, symmetric, geometrical, and galaxy.

Asymmetric is unbalanced, casual, and fun. You may have to rearrange several times to achieve the correct composition, but you won’t have to deal with the infuriating process of keeping everything on a straight line.

Symmetric is formal, balanced, and tidy. The paintings can be arranged in a line vertically or horizontally with the larger pieces in the middle.

Geometrical is a stylish twist on the symmetric linear designs. You can arrange your paintings in squares, triangles, rectangles, or any other shape you learned in geometry class.

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