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Home, Sweet Home

Love your home but need to add a special touch?

Evaluate the value of the custom comforts we deliver. Extending the size of a room, adding a new element to a space (a staircase perhaps) or installing new floor tile to replace dated carpet. We do it all. We know your home is your safety zone, your palace, your pit stop, the places where you wind down and get away. Even the simplest home additions get our special treatment to make sure your add-on experience provides the greatest in-home comfort.

If you want to add a new room or simply extend a closet, Elite Remodeling are ready to help you.  Our certified designers have worked with hundreds of homeowners like you and can share on possibilities to add space to your home. Call us today at 972.334.9800 or simply click here to fill out a contact form for us to immediately get in touch.