Elite’s Unique Warranty Program.

  • We provide a 3 year labor and material warranty on all of our work we provide.  If a customer provides their own appliances, plumbing, lighting fixtures etc, we only provide a labor warranty on the install.  If the project is structural in nature, eg. foundations, framing, roofing etc, that warranty is 10 years and insured by Strucsure Home Warranty, Inc.
  • Should you have an issue, please call the SRDC at 972.334.9800 and ask for our Business Manager.  We will take down the specifics of what is occurring and ask about your availability for us to visit and inspect, if needed.
  • We will then record your warranty call in our RBS-CRM tool to document the issue and monitor our progress.  The call is then assigned to a Repair technician,  a Project Manager or directly to one of our subcontractors.
  • Once we have it scheduled, you will receive an email from our Business Manager stating the date and time our repair tech will be onsite.  If needed, we can put a lockbox on your home so you won’t have be there when we repair the issue.
  • We strive to have the item resolved within 1-2 weeks of your initial call
  • What is important is that we welcome your call.  When something is not right, we want to know about it and take care of it for you as quickly as we can.