A Color Guide to Feng Shui

Feng shui is all the rage these days in remodeling and, even if you don’t follow Eastern practices, the ideology’s thoughts about colors can help balance your room. Color invigorates and inspires–even psychologists have studied how color contributes to our moods. Within Feng shui, these psychological principles are expanded as colors are balanced with each other.

To help balance the colors in your home, we’ve created a guide to Feng shui color principles.


Adds health, nourishment, and balance. The rich color adds healing comfort to your room.

Good for main entries or featured walls.


Adds strength and definition. With such power, the color should be used to increase the depth of your home and inner work.

Good for lower than eye level decor and grounding airy rooms.


Adds freshness and an openness to new possibilities. White is considered one of the supreme colors that gives way to fresh starts, clear endings, and the assimilation of wisdom.

Good for anywhere, but especially bathrooms. offices, and thinking spaces.


Adds a sharp, reflective undertone. The color is a crucial accent.

Good for accents and adding a centering feel to living rooms, main entries, or offices. Avoid too much as it can lead to dullness.


Adds a soothing energy. The color gives a gentle, non-frantic burst.

Good for bedrooms, creative rooms, and adding some soothing fire to any room.


Adds strong, other worldly vibrations. It’s a spiritual color with an intensity that can be overwhelming.

Good for meditation spaces and highlights. To be used sparingly when picking out wall colors.


Adds summertime feelings that promote liveliness. Orange is known as a social color that promotes adventures.

Good for centers of home such as kitchens and breakfast rooms.


Adds intense excitement that can be creative or destructive. The color prompts activity, desire, and ambition.

Good for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms. Avoid going all out red as the energy can be overwhelming and overstimulating.


Adds sun to your home. It is warm and uplifting with a gentle warming effect that is known to stimulate mental activity.

Good for children’s rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and studios.


Adds healing refreshment. Use this color in abundance to support inner work and harmony.

Good for anywhere in home.


Adds nourishing peace. The color gives a sense of a lush, supportive, invigorating peace that promotes decisiveness and internal change.

Good for anywhere in your home.

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