Trends in Lighting

To designers and remodelers, lighting is always a key concept in any design, but many DIYers tend to overlook lighting as a means to achieving unity within their design concept.  Recently, choosing lighting has become less function and more form; homeowners are experimenting with the impact lighting can have to personalize a space.  Once you begin to view lighting as an accessory to complement your total design scheme, it becomes easier to pick the right lighting concept for you.

Here are some of the current top trends in lighting:

  1. Texturize – In the old days, lamps and light fixtures were typically, brass, brass, and more brass with the occasional assembly line-style glass and resin.  Nowadays, fixtures and lamps are available in a wide array of mediums.  Brushed nickel and antique copper are particularly popular, but more rustic irons and architectural stone and faux stones are a great way to turn a light fixture into a statement piece. Fixtures that mimic sculpture also let you explore your creative side.  Don’t worry about every light fixture matching the previous; design isn’t about matching – it’s about complements. Combine a clean, hand blown colored glass lamp with an iron pendant light for the ultimate eclectic look.  You can be hip and pay homage to the past all at once.
  2. Shade it in – Shades aren’t just for lamps anymore.  Pendant drum shades add elegance and bring the eye up.  If you’re really ready for your light to pack a punch, check out chandeliers with transparent or translucent drum shades – they provide the intricacy of a chandelier while toning down the formality. Shades are also much more versatile as they are popping up more and more in a variety of textures, shapes, and colors.  Again, you can set the tone for your entire room by simply varying the style of shade you choose and which fixtures you affix them to.
  3. Explore – Don’t be afraid to use lighting in places your average lamps and pendants may neglect.  Undermount lights for kitchen cabinets create a warm glow.  Back lighting behind a piece of art or your entertainment system will achieve a similar affect.  Small lamps with personality can make your laundry room or bathroom a haven from the usual glare of harsh fluorescent lights. Rope lighting mounted above tall shelving or book cases creates a quiet ambience for relaxation.
  4. Get the green light – More and more light fixtures are equipped for compatibility with LED bulbs.  The LED bulbs themselves also come in a variety of palettes, so you’re not stuck with a sterile look.  Not only are they better for the environment for the energy efficiency, but they also have a significantly longer life than the average bulb, so less maintenance for you.


With so many options in lighting today, the most important thing to remember is to pick a lighting concept that speaks to you and your style.  Regardless of your design aesthetic, the right lighting can help you achieve your most harmonious space..